Discovery about Website Translator Script
  • Why website translation is needed?

    English As the cornerstone of the new economy, your website can be your most valuable marketing tool. More than 65% of internet users do not speak English, so having a web site that can be read in multiple languages is crucial if you do not want to lose any possible extra traffic. Also, offering your visitors to read your web content is a great way to stand out from your typical competitors.

    Fortunately, you do not have to hire a professional translator to support multiple languages on your site. Website Translator Script will help you to do that, it intelligently identifies and translates phrases and sentences within your web page source code. All the text content for your Website will be translated including hyperlinks pages and picture titles. The original Web site layout is preserved in translated pages. It translates only the content of your web pages and leaves the source code unchanged.

    Creating and maintaining a multilingual web site link structure can be difficult for developers. Website Translator Script solves this problem by managing all internal page links during translation. Links to outside web sites are not changed.

    Currently, Website Translator Script is using Bing Translation API for improving efficiency and accuracy. The translated phrases are stored in the cache, which you can easily modify to improve accuracy.

    Hope that now you understand why website translation is so important if you are doing business, earning profits on the Internet. Your website is your marketing brochure, so make it good and relevant!

  • Benefits when using Website Translator Script


    1. Multilingual website for online International audiences to access.
    2. More page indexes to the search engines (proof).
    3. Improving your website’s profits.
    4. Reaching your branding to both English and non-English speaking audience, more visitors so multiply your traffic.
    5. Promote, target and secure international audience by relating your product offerings in their own language(s) as well as via language search engines.
    6. Saving your money, you do not have to hire a professional translator to support multiple languages on your site.

  • Great Features Of Website Translator Script


    1. Translating your website into 38 languages.
    2. Search Engine Optimized: support many url types, such as: – SEO friendly URL or
    3. Avoid page titles duplication.
    4. Easy to integrate to your website.
    5. Easy to customize how the flags are displayed.
    6. You can choose which languages are available to the user.
    7. Fast caching system: save all translated text, auto-clean when the cache is expired, using SQLite so it’s performance is faster than MySQL, easy to manage the cache.
    8. Cached translated text is available for easy checking and updating.
    9. Translations are real time.
    10. The translation is reliable and fast via Bing Translation API.
    11. Support GET and POST form submit.
    12. Can specify which areas, words will not to be translated.
    13. Option to enable / disable caching system, set how long the cache will be expired.
    14. Option to enable / disable translating ‘alt’, ‘title’ attributes in images, hyperlink.
    15. Option to enable / disable translating text fields.
    16. Option to enable / disable translating button texts.
    17. Option to enable / disable translating meta description, meta keywords tags.
    18. Source code is not encrypted.

  • Minimum requirements


    1. Compatible with most PHP hosting.
    2. PHP 5.
    3. cURL extension.
    4. SQLite extension (enabled by default as of PHP 5) – if you want to use the cache system.
    5. .htaccess (using mod_rewrite) – if you want to use the SEO friendly url.

  • Integrating Website Translator Script into your website

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  • How much does it cost ?

    It’s only $55, including one year of free updates.

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