Website Translator Script 2.1 was released

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Hi everybody,

Due to the Bing AppId was deprecated, we had changed the authentication way of the script to match with Microsoft Translator API. New authentication is an access token which supports a more secure standards-based authentication (OAuth). For existing users with not working Bing AppID (almost newest Bing AppID since March 2012), please download the new update and follow the instruction (update_instruction.txt) in that package. If you got problem while updating, feel free to send an email to us by using Contact form.


Website Translator Script v1.0 is released

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Hi everybody,

I’m very happy to tell you that, Website Translator Script v1.0 is released on 07/07/2011. We had a long time to prepare carefully  so that we can provide you a best product. Here is the great features of Website Translator Script V1.0:

  • Translating your website into 53 languages.
  • Search Engine Optimized: support many url types, such as: – SEO friendly URL or
  • Avoid page titles duplication.
  • Easy to integrate to your website.
  • Easy to customize how the flags are displayed.
  • You can choose which languages are available to the user.
  • Fast caching system: save all translated text, auto-clean when the cache is expired, using SQLite so it’s performance is faster than MySQL, easy to manage the cache.
  • Cached translated text is available for easy checking and updating.
  • Translations are real time.
  • The translation is reliable and fast via Google Translate® API.
  • Support GET and POST form submit.
  • Can specify which areas, words will not to be translated.
  • Option to enable / disable caching system, set how long the cache will be expired.
  • Option to enable / disable translating ‘alt’, ‘title’ attributes in images, hyperlink.
  • Option to enable / disable translating text fields.
  • Option to enable / disable translating button texts.
  • Option to enable / disable translating meta description, meta keywords tags.
  • Source code is not encrypted.

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